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Creative Design


Our in-depth knowledge of the market, the suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers gives us the ability to create new products that are innovative, exciting and commercial.


We draw from our extensive experience gained both as users and professionals in a diverse range of sports and industries.


We love to be pro-active and share our ideas and concepts, but we can also work to design briefs when required.

• We can work from a blank canvas or re-vamp your current collection.

We can design garments, graphics, logos, branded accessories, tents, sleeping bags and rucksacks.

• Colour pallet creation with pantone references.
• Produce product designs in full colour, digitally or on large A3 prints.
• Use of technology for creative branding to enhance the product – New methods of branding!
• Graphic embelishment where appropriate.
• Design of logos, branded trims, labels, and components.