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We have broad experience and a track record of creative excellence, high levels of expertise, as well as deep knowledge across multiple market sectors. We understand which brands are doing well and why and which are not.


Consultancy allows bespoke, finite projects to be undertaken at a high level of design competence and creativity without placing a fixed design overhead on the balance sheet. This means outside consultancies may prove to be more economical and more creative for your businesses.


Your permanent in-house design team is often constrained by the day to day demands of the business. Resource Direct can bring creative freshness to your business. We are able to see things from a different perspective



We can impart the following knowledge:




As fanatical end users we understand the needs of the consumer and their aspirations.



This is reflected in our design. We know why you should have elastic not cord or have chest pockets not hem pockets.



Over 30 years combined experience as professionals in the outdoor market place means we can understand what you need as a brand and how you fit into the market place.

We are happy to come and visit you for a free no obligation consultaion to discuss you needs